Steph R. in Erie, CO

In May 2012, our long time pet sitter informed us that she was moving out of the area. She had been with us through thick and thin, including the loss of our beloved Dundee who had cluster seizures to the adoption of Callie, a 5 year old, scared whippet. So, with a lot of trepidation, I interviewed several people, including Jackie, much like I interviewed daycare homes for my human kids. There are times when you feel the connection with someone right away. This is how it was with Jackie. She has stepped right in and taken over where our previous pet sitter left off and gone beyond. Her professionalism, her competency with my greyhound and my whippet, and her love of my animals (including my parrots!) has simplified my life, so I do not worry that “my girls” will miss out while I’m at work. The pictures she sends me when she is with them, is usually the highlight of my day.

Sharon & Doug C. in Broomfield, CO

When we moved to Broomfield in early 2012 we were thrilled to meet Jackie of Lovin’ Life Pet Care.  Our dog, Gabby fell in-tail-wagging-love with Jackie.  She would listen for Jackie’s key in the door at lunchtime everyday because it meant it was time for a brisk walk through the neighborhood and a nice long tummy rub afterward.  We (Gabby’s people) fell in love with Jackie for her reliable, attentive, loving, and personalized care for our pet and our home.  She saved the day more than once when we had to be away from Gabby unexpectedly.  We highly value Jackie’s presence in our family. It’s great to be able to trust someone so completely.

Mandy E. in Erie, CO

It’s difficult to describe in words the love that I see between Jackie and all animals. She may just be the dog whisperer of Boulder County. Jackie has been caring for my 11 year old lab, Zack, for a year. The first time she came over to meet Zack and discuss his care, I was surprised at how thorough and professional she was. She asked questions about Zack and taking care of the house that I hadn’t even thought of. I was able to go on vacation with total confidence in Jackie, and with peace of mind. Beyond that, I find her rates to be very reasonable, especially considering the level of care she gives. Zack is a high maintenance dog whom requires a lot of medication to stay pain free  Jackie is always patient with him, keeps a record of what medication he is taking, and always checks with me and notices if something has changed. Luckily, I live fairly close to Jackie. When Zack is afraid to get out of my car due to his wobbly hips, and I can’t seem to get him out, I call Jackie. She comes over to do her dog whispering, talks to him in that special voice, and he comes right out. I wish for my sake and Zack’s that I had her talents! Finally, and most importantly, Jackie truly loves animals. I’ve been with Jackie as she encounters a new dog, and each time it’s as though she’s seeing a dog, the most precious creature she’s ever seen, for the first time. I have never seen a more genuine love for animals!

Danya F. in Erie. CO

Jackie has watched our cat Lucas on several occasions when we have gone out of town. Lucas, at times, can be a troublesome cat and we always get a little nervous leaving him with others. Jackie does great with Lucas and he always seems well taken care of when we get home. I would recommend Jackie at Lovin’ Life Pet Care to anyone. She is great!

Taryn J. in Erie, CO

We have never left our dogs (adopted as adults) with anyone besides family, but when we decided to vacation with family we were forced to look elsewhere for care. I am so glad we found Jackie and Lovin’ Life Pet Care. She was such a blessing for us and our dogs while we were on an extended vacation. She promptly responded to my call and when we met, it was obvious that she loved dogs and would care for them wholeheartedly. She offered us peace of mind knowing that our dogs were safe at home getting daily walks and love. She was in contact with us throughout the trip giving updates as time progressed. She was even generous enough to send pictures and update us more frequently than first agreed upon when I missed them more than anticipated!

We also really appreciated knowing that she was watching the house- making it look like we were home and retrieving the mail.
The dogs really loved Jackie and when we saw her again they went crazy for her. I would use Jackie and Lovin’ Life Pet Care again in a heartbeat; she is a superb choice for your pet care needs.

Jennifer W. in Longmont, CO

I first started using Lovin’ Life Pet Care when I was laid up on crutches. Jackie, the owner, arranged to come over to my house, and help care for my dog, Tucker. She even took Tucker and I to Petco one day to get his food. It was really nice for both of us to get out of the house! Tucker always enjoys when she comes to visit, and hates to see her leave. I would highly recommend Lovin’ Life Pet Care to anyone who is looking for a genuine, caring human being to care for their pets, AND they are reasonably priced. ~ Jennifer W., Longmont, CO

Jen & Dan M. in Lafayette, CO

Simply put, I don’t know what we would do with out Lovin’ Life Pet Care! We have 3 rescued dogs that are older, so kenneling while we are on vacation was just not an option for us. Our dogs are high maintenance yet proved not to be an issue for Lovin’ Life. You rock Lovin’ Life! Our dogs can’t wait for us to take our next trip!