Steph R. in Erie, CO

In May 2012, our long time pet sitter informed us that she was moving out of the area. She had been with us through thick and thin, including the loss of our beloved Dundee who had cluster seizures to the adoption of Callie, a 5 year old, scared whippet. So, with a lot of trepidation, I interviewed several people, including Jackie, much like I interviewed daycare homes for my human kids. There are times when you feel the connection with someone right away. This is how it was with Jackie. She has stepped right in and taken over where our previous pet sitter left off and gone beyond. Her professionalism, her competency with my greyhound and my whippet, and her love of my animals (including my parrots!) has simplified my life, so I do not worry that “my girls” will miss out while I’m at work. The pictures she sends me when she is with them, is usually the highlight of my day.